Folding Boxes

Folding boxes

The standard version of the folding boxes are made of birch plywood off ive layers, thickness 6 mm. (according to need other thicknesses are available as well).

The boxes with normal or lowered lids are simple to assemble and they offer the maximum lightness, strength, security, duration and practicality

The possibility to produce it in any size and the facility of assemply of this box type let you save time and volumes in the phase of packaging and shipment of your products

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Printing your logo (optional)  besides the symbols and/or other signs on the  boxes makes this product an important advertising vehicle. 

The sides and the lid can be made more resistant by applying vertical and/or horizontal supporting planks. 

The bottom of the boxes can be made of:

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  •          Birch plywood, 2 or 4 way

  •          Fir-wood, 2 or 4 way 




In addition TecnoPrimaf produces the folding box "NO WOOD" model made entirely in plywood for which no fumigation treatment is required


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The box is composed of 3 parts: the base, the folding collar and the lid.


The base is normally made of plywood or conifer wood and it can be handled in 2 or 4 ways. The folding collar ant the lid are made of birch plywood. The assembly takes place by jointing.  Nails, screws, plastic or metal straps can be used for the fixing. 


Various models and types are available:

  • Traditional folding box
  • Reinforced model which suitable for superimposed heavy loads or for loose goods with strong lateral stress.



This is a folding package solution with galvanized steel profiles. It is supplied  in three separated components: lid, bottom and folding collar. It has a quick assembly system with tongues without using nails and staples. It is reusable!



The plywood collars are functionally and simply to be used and this system allows you to changethe height of boxes ensuring a good protection. 

They are produced in plywood thickness mm. 12 and assembled with 4 or 6 tongues galvanized steel. 

Standard height are 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, while dimensions in lenght and width standard pallets which normally 1200x800 mm, 800x600 mm, 1200x1000 mm; can still be produced with dimensions on request.

Plywood collars can be equipped with various accessories such as handles, interior partitions, side flaps or any other solution to facilitate the transport of the products in maximum security

You can also personalize with logos and according to the specific needs of the customer 

Main benefits

  • Strong, plywood 12 mm with 4 or 6 galvanized steel hinges
  • Reusables, more than 100 cucles under normal conditions of use
  • Foldable, with 6 hinges can be folded into a very compact position and take up a minimal space
  • Flexible height and modular
  • IPPC/ISPM 15 tratment
  • Assemply and disassemply, fast - resistant, static load capacity of over 4000 kg stacked    




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